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A Day Without Facebook – June 1 2018

(the context for this post was a growing sense of exhilaration after nearly 2 weeks of a complete news fast.  I decided, before going back – SLOWLY! – to the news, to take a day off from social media as well. here is what it was like):


So, one day without Facebook.  What was it like?

 (it may be hard to hear the music unless you listen through earbuds or headphones)


[the rest is on the recording…]



freedom is possible. For that we have to live inwardly and be able to hold back the natural running of the senses after their external objects.  only so can we begin to feel that there is a soul within us which is other than the mutations of mind in its reception of the touches of outward things, a soul which in its depths goes back to something self-existent, immutable, tranquil…, serene and august, master of itself… unaffected by the eager runnings of our external natureWe must attain that absolute peace and stillness in which we become aware of the calm, motionless, blissful Self within us which is eternally untroubled and unaffected by the touches of things…


This Self  is the same in all existences, pervasive, equal to all things… When this Self is revealed within us [and we] feel its peace and stillness… we see this self in [ourselves and in] all;   By doing works in this selfless tranquillity and impersonality, our works cease to be ours, cease to bind or trouble us with their reactions. Nature   weaves the web of her works, but without affecting our griefless self-existent tranquillity. All is given up into that one equal and universal Brahman. 

I then opened Rod Hemsell’s “Philosophy of Consciousness.” While driving across town, I had been struck – forcibly – by the radical difference between being bodily engaged with the world, vs listening to the artificiality of news radio or reading the artificial news online.


[the rest is on the recording…..]



And isn’t it interesting, the difference, hearing my voice instead of just reading the words on a flat (flat in several senses of the word) screen?


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