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Source materials for rethinking “free will”

October 9, 2014

From Metaphysical Speculations forum – sciborg2: For convenience, here’s the stuff I think should be incorporated – or at least mentioned – in the Free Will essays lest neither really go beyond mechanistic/materialist thinking:

-Mystery of Causality, only exacerbated in Idealism, as noted by Massimo and further expounded on by Tallis’ The Strange Idea that what Happens has to be Made to be Happen & Talbott’s Do Physical Laws Make Things Happen.
Lucas’ Godelian Argument
-Bergson’s Time and Free Will (useful commentary hereherehere)
-Whitehead’s occasions + teleology (some useful stuff herehere)

There’s also the Thomist-Aristotelian conception, but that’s probably too vast to really incorporate as it’s whole metaphysical paradigm. Also Syntropy, though that’s more conjecture than definitive metaphysics (free will comes from the past being the meeting point between forward causality and retrocausality.)

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